Friday, September 13, 2013

The B!+€h Blog - Who's In?

"When noone else gives a rip, we do!!"

This is gonna be my slogan for my new business - a blog where people can moan and grown anonymously and (the absolute BEST part!) someone is *guaranteed* to listen, moan and groan right back, and maybe even make you laugh!

See, there are people and things and events in my life that just drive me CRAZY!! And I mean "Mama needs medication" crazy. At this point my dear hubby and my mother and a few close friends have grown tired of my venting. But I've got to get the crazy out! This seems like the perfect solution!!

First, you can be anonymous! Really, people? Is Facebook seriously the best place out there to say what is driving you nuts? I don't know about you, but I grow a bit weary with the "some people just make me mad" posts. Sure, you're being vague. But let's be honest, we either know exactly who and what you are talking about OR we don't care. 

Which brings me to my second point, most people - even your closest friends and family members - just don't care anymore. Not because they are rude or self-centered, but because they probably have heard the same old complaints and have offered the same old advice countless times. You haven't listened yet, so why keep going? Or maybe they are dealing with their own issues and just don't have the capacity to take on any more. 

So from where I'm sitting, you've got a few options:

1) Keep on keeping on, but don't get upset if people just tune you out.

2) Become an emotionally mature adult and just tell whomever how you feel (NOT gonna happen for me). 

3) Dress up a dining room chair and just kick and scream and throw things at it - all while visualizing the person that is making you so flipping mad. (I have done this a few times - take it from me, your kids will think you crazy if they wander downstairs and see this madness). 

4) Join the B!+€h Blog!!! Type and rant and rave your frustrations away - someone will always be there to listen and laugh and listen some more! 

So whaddya think? Are you in?

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