Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Is she really five?

Five years ago, I waddled into Inova Fairfax hospital and told a nice lady that I was in some serious pain and thought I was going to have a baby.  She kindly checked me in and took me into the back. Thirty minutes later, my doctor told me to call my husband - we were going to have a baby!

I was in shock to say the least. She wasn't supposed to be here yet, and her daddy was traveling! But she was following her own plans - not mine - and this should have been my sign of the years to come!

More than twenty hours, three epidurals, two rounds of petocin, and one push later, she was here and we had our baby girl! 

We brought her home one week later, and our lives have not been the same since. She is funny and silly and everything that is right in the world. She can be a little sassy (that may be an understatement) but she is the best big sister her little brothers could ask for.  She has the most gorgeous blue eyes and the longest eyelashes. She is seriously smart (everyone says it, but we really mean it! :)). And her nickname is Turkey.  She's our little girl, and she's perfect!

Madison Elese Waters
October 24, 2007

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