Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Fourth Birthday to my little man!!

Every morning as the sun begins to come up, I hear his bedroom door open. With his blankets in hand, he pads into my room, throws his blankets into my bed, and crawls in right beside me where we snuggle until we are both ready to go downstairs and get our morning juice and coffee.

While we are snuggling, he usually plays with my hair, rubs my face, tells me he loves me and asks me how I slept. When I miss this time in the morning, something just doesn't feel right about my day.

He is the most thoughtful, sweetest, and considerate little four-year-old you will ever meet. He will gladly play princess with his big sister all day long as long as she lets him slip some knight sword skills in the game at some point. He will give you the last piece of cheese off his plate if you are hungry - and he really loves cheese. When his baby brother cries, he is quick to pet his head and try to make him all better. And he gives his daddy a run for his money when it comes to Mario Kart.

Cannon Davis Waters, you are my heart! You have taught me to give in a little, eat cake when I'm hungry, and that a coke can can be used in a pinch if you can no longer "hold it" when you have to go potty really really badly.

Happy Birthday, my love!!

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