Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sheer Genius - Harris Teeter Online Shopping

You have not lived until you have tried online grocery shopping, and this is saying alot, coming from the girl who firmly believes that life begins when one introduces pretzels to Nutella!

We just moved to Charlotte from Atlanta - and I'll be honest, I thought Atlanta had everything - some would say it's a pretty big city. But they did NOT have Harris Teeter, and they did NOT have online grocery shopping.

Sheer Genius!! And yes, it is as easy as it sounds. You just point and click, bada-bing, bada-bang, select your pick-up time, and pull up to the very special Express Lane just for you!  My kids love this new experience - and I no longer hear, "Mom, let's not get too much, okay?"

Before this experience, I used to pray that all three of my kids were well enough to go to pre-school when our pantry was depleted just so I didn't have to take anyone with me.  Any mom with young kids knows that grocery shopping isn't actually like the commercials: together, the mom and the kids place all of the necessary sundries to make homemade chocolate chip cookies into the buggy; they arrive home; make said cookies; and there isn't a tear shed or a frown on a single face.

Nope, not in my world.

Yes, they may get a free cookie, a balloon, or even a sticker.  And yes, random people may tell me that my kids are adorable and well-behaved (READ: these proclamations are a serious ego boost that moves me from Aisle 9 to Aisle 10 - without that, I would collapse in a heap among the fruit snacks).

Now, my world has been transformed!  I shop when they are in bed, having naps, or even during breakfast. I run through the Express Lane when I am on the way back from dropping them off at school. Or I may (gasp!) make a special trip to that yellow painted lane to get my goodies.

It's amazing, and it's sheer genius! 

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